I have gathered you all here today, to help support my PC which is at the edge of life and death.
my dear "BlueScreen the Amazing" is dying.

but in all seriousness... i can hardly play games anymore. Online games even less.
All the drivers are misbehaving. Sometimes when i power on my PC, my Network driver won't respond until restart, my Antivirus service will get stuck on "starting", my NT Kernel process starts having seizures and goes from 0% CPU to 40% randomly, my Display driver restarts sometimes, my sound driver auto mutes...
These are all rare but they do happen at least twice a month.
The internet one is maybe 4 times a week.

Oh and on top of that my internet provider decided to do a contract edit. Instead of 6mb/s UP / Down i now have 6mb/s Down and 50KB/s Up ... so i can't host anything like skype, hamachi... private games...

I ordered a Payoneer credit card (it's like a chinese copy of PayPal but for Europe) so i can work online and pay for a new PC. Since the only job i can find in my Home Cuntry is loading and unloading trucks full of bricks.