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    Default Tom Clancy Recruitment Procedure

    Recruitment Procedure - Specialist+ ONLY!


    If the applicant does not or will not agree to any of the below rules, explain to them that they then cannot join AOD. If you need another Officer to help explain this, or explain the rules to them please get a Sgt+ or CO/XO.

    1. First of all, make sure that the applicant has read and commented "Read and Understood" on the below 3 threads. If they haven't, you will need to link them to each thread and ask them to comment "read and understood" as and when you explain the rules to them. Links have been provided at each step.

      Code Of Conduct
      AOD Ranking Structure
      TC Division and TeamSpeak Rules

    2. Code of Conduct - If the applicant has not commented "read and understood" on the CoC, then you must talk them through all 12 points. If they have already commented on the CoC, you need only to emphasis with them number 12.

      "No comments about politics, religion, skin color, or sexual preferences. We are here to play games." We have members from all over the world, from different cultures, countries and religious background. To avoid confrontation or any unfriendly atmospheres please completely refrain from talking about these topics.

      Link - Code of Conduct

    3. Ranking Structure - AOD follows a military styled ranking structure, with new members starting off at Recruit (take them through each rank from Recruit to SgtMaj). Members are promoted through the ranks based off of 3 key points, activity, willingness to help the clan/members and also how they conduct themselves in game and TS/forums. The highest rank a normal member can achieve is Private First Class, anything higher than that is an Officer rank which is given to a few members to help run the Division.

      There is a certain level of respect that comes with each rank - everybody ranked Spec or higher is giving up their free time and volunteering to help the clan - the higher the rank they are, the more time and effort they have put into the clan to keep it running, they must be respected within our community.

      Each Division has one CO and one or two XO's, these are the people who run the Division and they are considered the highest rank within that particular Divison. You can tell who they are by the tags at the end of their TS name or the banner on their forum profile.

      Link - Ranking Structure

    4. Multi-Clanning and TeamSpeak Rule - Explain that AOD has a very strict multi-clanning rule and that they must leave and must not join any other clan that supports the same games as we do - including all future AOD supported games. There are exemptions to this rule, for example WoW. They are allowed to join another WoW guild as long as they do not run on the same servers as we do. Clans that support the sames games as us but on completely different platforms, i.e., Xbox One and PS4 are allowed.

      We have a TeamSpeak rule in AOD and that is, whenever you are in game, for any supported AOD game you MUST be in TeamSpeak. You don't necessarily need to be in the correct channel and you can go AFK in the quiet room if you want to, however, you must always be in TeamSpeak.

      *Then read to them the TeamSpeak etiquette*

      Link - Multi-clanning and TeamSpeak Rules (1st Post)

    5. TC Specific Rules - Every member must wear AOD tags in game, if you remove your AOD tags, we will assume you have left AOD and you will be removed immediately.

      *Talk them through "Actions AOD members should never do"*

      Link - TC Specific Rules (2nd Post)

    6. Forum Activity - We require that you post on the forums at least once every two weeks, it doesn't have to be anything special, it can be any post anywhere. The reason for this is because once a month we remove all of our inactive members and we use the forums to gauge member activity or inactivity. By posting on the forums at least once every two weeks it means you will stay active and will not be removed from AOD. You can also find a lot of useful information on the forums so it's a good idea to keep active on there anyway.

    7. LOA Procedure - We have an LOA procedure, which is used for members that are going to be inactive for a period of time and do not want to be removed from the clan. A few of the main reasons for going on an LOA includes; Military duties, Court duties, Medical and School - we will accept LOA for more reasons but these are just a few.

      To request an LOA, you will need to follow the instructions on the forum Here!

    8. Open Door Policy - AOD does have an open door policy, so if you ever decide to leave the clan or you are removed for inactivity, you are always welcome to make another application and rejoin. The only exception to this is if you are banned.

    9. At this point, ask the recruit if they have any questions or objections regarding the above. If they object to the above, please
      ask a Sgt+ or CO/XO to join the channel to see if it can be resolved. If you are still unable to reach common ground, thank them for
      their time and interest in AOD and end the interview respectfully.
      If they are OK with everything, and you've answered any questions, you may proceed with the next step

    10. TeamSpeak Name/Identity/Forum Name - Have the recruit change their TeamSpeak name to the following "AOD_Rct_Name" (Note: Their forum name and TeamSpeak name have to be exactly the same - we can change their forum name in a later step should they wish to change it).

      Have them go to the below link and complete all 4 boxes, Rank, Division, Status and TeamSpeak Identity - the TeamSpeak identity can be found in TeamSpeak, Settings and then Identities.

      Link - Edit AOD Member Info

      Tell the recruit that you will be changing their forum name to match their new TeamSpeak name. The change will take place within the next 24/48 hours so if during that time they cannot log into the forums their new username will be "AOD_Name".

    11. Uplay Name - The Recruit must now change their Uplay name to match their forum/TS name and also to add the AOD tags. Their Uplay name needs to be similar but does not have to be exactly the same as their forum name. For example; Forum: AOD_PandaTantrum, Uplay: AOD_Panda.

      Link - Change Uplay Name

    12. Introduce the New Member - Jump down into one of the TS channels and ask for comms - drag the new Recruit down to the lobby and introduce them to all of the members. You may now give them their TS permissions by right clicking on their name, set server group and AOD Member. As they're new to the clan, try and get them involves there and then - get one of the higher ranked members to invite them into a game.


    All of the below steps MUST be completed directly after the recruitment has finished.

    1. This step is a form you submit to grant the recruit access to the private areas of the AOD forums. Follow this link: Request Forum Access

      Note: When entering in the members new forum name DO NOT type in "AOD_".

    2. Post on our Division Structure to add the recruit.

    3. Post a "Welcome to the Clan" post in the Counter Terror Feed.

    4. Go to the Thread Bumping Post and welcome to the new Recruit on the Ubisoft forum posts only (3 in total).

    5. Post 'Completed' on the members application.
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