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    Default Hey guys, Dalek here.

    Hello all! CuteFuzzyDalek here. I recently noticed that I was removed from AOD. I would assume that this was a result of me using a Schutzstaffel emblem in BF4. I am posting here to see if we can reach an agreement. I honestly didn't expect anyone to be offended by the emblem, considering that we have members with pretty edgy usernames such as CrucifiedJesus, and BadTouchSandusky, as well as other members with ecchi/hentai/porn themed emblems. I'm not a Neo-Nazi or a white supremacist. I just love WW2 history, especially concerning the Wehrmacht and the SS. I feel that I can respect their courage and fortitude in battle without condoning their beliefs. Same goes for the Red Army and Zhukov. However, I'd be willing to change my emblem to something else for you guys. All I ask is that I be allowed to play on AOD servers. (not made a member again) On one final note, I would have gladly removed the emblem if I was warned or informed of its perceived offensive nature. However, I was not notified in any such manner, but simply removed and banned.


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    Deity had this to say:

    Quote Originally Posted by Deity
    Partly, it was your conveyance of your admiration and discussion of those more dicey of topics in server with pubs. There were a few off color joking comments in that particular squad chat that sealed the deal. Partly. And frankly, being strike two, that was enough to tell us that you weren't going to be able to respect those "we just don't talk about that stuff" rule.

    Adding the SS symbol was just fucking stupid. And you should have known better.
    Your justification doesn't jive with your recent history in our servers. (And being a history buff myself, citing the SS as being an admirable organization is pretty fucking baseless, and Deity wholeheartedly agrees). You should be well aware of the clan's policies enough that you aren't constantly trying to see just how far you can push it. This isn't what we expect from AOD members. We shouldn't have to keep reminding you, or anyone else, what is or isn't acceptable. It's pretty clear.

    Bottom line: we've come to the conclusion that you aren't a good fit for our clan or our servers.


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