What made you interested in joining AOD?
Peer preasure and threat's!
What is your in game name?
Who referred you?
Prime, James, Rusco, Vix, Firestrike
Do you have any clan experience?
So much I'm not even going to list it muhahaha
Are you currently in any other clans or guilds?
Not really just my own lil group I started.
Do you have a Mic?
Have you ever used TeamSpeak?
What is your Steam Profile link?
Do you have any competitive experience in ladders or tournaments?
Back when ReC was around.
Timezone or Location
PST Canada
Tell us more about yourself
I enjoy playing a wide veriety of video game's, Into building and repairing all forms of technology, I have a year year old son and a wonderful girlfriend!
Did you read the thread titled "Read Before Joining AOD" - LINK?