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    Default JK Admin Info

    Everyone should have all admins on steam and PM ID's in case you need us for questions or if there are problems on the servers.

    Division Leadership:
    Name Rank Forum PM Steam Discord
    A$APRocky Commanding Officer PM STEAM LINK A$APRocky#0130
    Master Butters Executive Officer PM STEAM LINK Kuroneko The Cat#0323
    AgentGibbs Executive Officer PM STEAM LINK AgentGibbs#2297

    Division Administration:
    Name Rank Forum PM Steam Discord
    Insane First Sergeant PM STEAM LINK Insane#1558
    Weslaehyes Sergeant PM STEAM LINK OMEGERD#4423
    General Kenobi Corporal PM STEAM LINK General Kenobi#7323
    Rambo Corporal PM STEAM LINK Rambo#4228
    Preston Corporal PM STEAM LINK Preston PEON#2215
    Vash Trainer PM STEAM LINK Vash#7123
    Jaden Trainer PM STEAM LINK Jaden#2514
    Vapour Trainer PM STEAM LINK Vapour#2037

    Forum Administration:
    AOD_Liquid_Smoke / SgtMaj
    AOD_Stud / SgtMaj
    AOD_Kid A / SgtMaj
    AOD_Bluntz / SgtMaj
    AOD_Archangel / CmdSgt
    AOD_CupOHemlock / CmdSgt
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