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    Default What To Do After Your Application Has Been Approved

    If Your Application Has Been Approved
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Alien
    Once you have made a tryout topic and in the title it says "[Approved]", CONGRATULATIONS, you are now ready to be recruited. This does NOT mean that you are in AOD, you cannot put the tags on quite yet. If no one has approached you about recruitment you should add one of the following people on Steam. Each person on this list is able to bring you into AOD.

    Recruiters / Steam ID / Rank:
    AOD_Prime / (STEAM) / Sgt
    AOD_Caliber / (STEAM) / Cpl
    AOD_Jaden / (STEAM) / Cpl
    AOD_Vash / (STEAM) / Cpl
    AOD_ChaoticAvenger / (STEAM) / LCpl
    AOD_ReallyOldMan / (STEAM) / Tr
    AOD_Teldryn / (STEAM) / Tr
    AOD_Zerin / (STEAM) / Tr
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