This weekend (24th), the Overwatch Division would like to formally welcome everyone to a weekend of fun!

Saturday 24th @7pm

Cpl Dean will be hosting a Jackbox game night. Discord screen share will be utilized so everyone can join in so hop on and join the fun!

Sunday 25th @7pm

'Sus Sunday' is back!

Come join us in the Overwatch division for our monthly Among Us game night featuring the "Town of us" mod which adds tons of custom roles. It plays from a custom game folder on your desktop. Instructions will be added below on how to download this.
Town of us download can be found >>Here<<

Usual AOD CoC applies. We hope to see you guys in Teamspeak for some murder! >:D

You may need to download the latest version of Town of Us to play.

Download instructions below

1. Create a new folder on Desktop, called Town of Us.
This can be created anywhere and be named anything, as long as this folder is easy to locate.

2. Open Steam, go to Library and locate Among Us. Right click on it, select Properties.... Then, under Local Files, click on Browse....
This opens the folder containing the Among Us application.

3. Delete everything in the currently opened folder.
Don't worry, this will not delete the game. This simply verifies the Among Us folder being entirely clean.

4. On Steam, locate Among Us once again. Right click on it, select Properties.... Now, under Local Files, click on Verify integrity of game files....
This restores all of the game files as a fresh installation.

5. Copy all of the files from the Among Us folder to the newly created folder.

6. Download the Town of Us version corresponding to the installed Among Us version.

7. Locate the downloaded .zip file, and move it to the Town of Us folder.
Usually, this can be found in the Downloads folder.

8. Right click on the .zip file, and click on 7-Zip. Then choose Extract Here.
Something different might appear depending on the file manager being used. Make sure the folder gets extracted in the Town of Us folder, in the same location as the Among Us application. It should look similar to the picture below.

9. Launch the Among Us application that's inside, and start playing Town of Us!
A first launch may take up to 5 minutes, so be patient if it doesn't launch immediately.