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    Default Destiny 2 Division Policies & Guidelines


    Destiny 2 Division Rules:

    • Follow the AOD Code of Conduct (
    • Be in TeamSpeak when you play any AOD supported game.
    • Log in to the AOD Forums once every 30 days. Whilst not requiring you to post anything, we heavily encourage it to be socially active with our community.

    Destiny 2 Division Ethos:

    • To create value by making a difference in every game you play.
    • To be good sportsman at all times. Be a friendly face in a toxic match.
    • To improve the community by our example.

    Destiny 2 Zero Tolerance Policy (Immediate Removal):

    The Angels of Death is now and has always been a fun and safe environment for both its guests and its members. AOD has a zero tolerance policy on cyber-bullying as well as on hacking or exploiting on its servers, within its Divisions or by its members.

    To this end, there are several reasons below that will result in the immediate removal and/or reporting to Bungie of a member. This action is not taken lightly and any screenshots / replays / video evidence will be provided as evidence if available.

    • Egregious violations of AOD's Code of Conduct.
    • Violations of the Destiny 2 Division Rules.
    • Hacking or using banned modifications to the game forbidden by Bungie and unable to appeal.
    • Using exploits that Bungie nor AOD approve of.
    • Creating a toxic environment in TeamSpeak.
    • Flaming, trolling or being disrespectful in Destiny 2. We value our reputation and this repeated behavior indicates you do not.

    Please respond to this thread with 'Read and Understood'.
    If you have questions, please ask a Destiny 2 NCO for clarification. Thank you!

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