Final Fantasy XIV
What made you interested in applying to join AOD?
Read your FC profile and thought it sounds like a fun one.
Who referred you?
Are you at least 18 years of age?
Have your ever been a member of any PC gaming communities/clans/companies in the past? (if yes, which one(s)?
Are you currently in any gaming communities/clans/companies other than AOD? (if yes, which one(s) and for which games/server?)
What is your timezone & location?
Do you have a Microphone?
Have you ever used TeamSpeak?
What is your in-game character name (First and Last Name)?
Aces Fool
What is your Discord Handle?
Tell us more about yourself. How did you find AOD?
I am mostly a solo player, but always willing to help with dungeons and other content. I don't do much when it comes to extreme and savage content because I'm the caretaker for my disabled wife and can need to go afk at any moment.
What days & times do you typically play? This will help us to contact you in-game.
My play times are pretty random. But mostly in the evenings.
AOD is an honor clan. We prefer people with a good attitude over skill. Can you be happy in an environment that doesn't reward skill?