Those who play with me on Battlefield know that I've been plagued by severe lag which normally occurs in early evening hours.

I'm pretty certain I've isolated the issue to packet loss/severe delay at the ISP level which occurs in spikes intermittently and most often in the evening when my neighbors start streaming.

Packet delays are hitting the 200+ and higher and sometimes sustained for a while with total packet loss occasionally exceeding 10% for a given period of time.

I'm measuring packet loss using which seems pretty good for testing.

I can run a speedtest and everything looks pretty normal with speeds hitting over 700Mpbs/30Mps (I have asymmetrical Gb "Gigablast" with Cox over standard cable) but with severe packet loss.

I have isolated the problem to being external through normal troubleshooting and using multiple computers. I've even tested by loading the network during the day when things are good while testing and it still holds up fine. There is no correlation between LAN loads and the packet loss.

I have a Arris cable modem and Netgear XR500 router running Dumaos. I've tried bypassing the router and changing the QOS settings but there is no correlation. Performance is very good even on a loaded LAN during off peak hours although I still log the packet loss it's just more intermittent.

In gaming the lag appears as ping spikes from normal double digits into the 200+ range accompanied by heavy warping and inability to move or control the vehicle I'm in.

I need suggestions on how to get Cox to pay attention or if they can even do anything about it. The neighborhood is about 20 years old and I suspect part of their gear may be that old.