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    Default Steel Series Aerox 9 wireless. Finally a good, lightweight MMO mouse.

    I love MMO mice because of the plethora of buttons on the side. I've used the Naga line from 2004 to current and even tried the trinity. I've used Logitech's G600, G602, and G604.
    I finally bought the Corsair Scimitar and loved that mouse but it's heavy and wired. I loved that you could adjust the position of the thumb button grid forward and back for best fit.
    I then, at random, landed upon the Steelseries Aerox 9 MMO wireless mouse. This mouse has it all, believe it or not.
    - Light weight
    - Super smooth and very low friction on my Corsair MM300 mouse pad that is really just a teflon coated metal mousing surface. I can't stand the cloth mousepads.
    - The buttons are the perfect "clickiness". The left and right clickers are sensitive enough to click easily but not so sensitive that simply resting your fingers on them actuates them. Perfect imo.
    - The side buttons are a little stiffer on the actuation. I'd put them between the G600 and latest Naga mice as far as how much pressure is required to actuate them.
    - The mouse supports up to 15,000 CPI and boy is this sensor accurate. It has a CPI switching button right behind the middle mouse click. I have 2 modes: 1800 and 2600 for FPS and vehicles respectively.
    - The mouse has 3 zones for RGB lighting but this does not include the 12 side buttons unfortunately. The RGB changes colors at random as you switch between CPI levels and the RGB is not assignable to which CPI level you're on.
    I find this to be a bit of an oversight. It would be nice to know which CPI level I'm based on the color I've assigned it.
    - Among all of the wireless mice I've listed above, I have felt a bit of lag when first moving the mouse and stopping movement as if the cursor needs to catch up to my mouse position.
    I am glad to say that I feel absolutely no lag with this mouse. It's incredible. There is no discernable difference between this mouse's responsiveness and my Corsair Scimitar. I'm rather impressed with this.

    Not sure what else to say about it but if you have any questions then let me know.

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