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    Default PlanetSide Thunderdome 2022, July 16

    On Saturday, August 17, 2013, the men and women of AOD met on the battlefield. Their goal? Capture the Hurakan Interlink Facility.

    On Saturday, July 16, 2022, at 7:30pm EDT:
    they will meet again.

    3 separate teams will be battling for supremacy in this alert-style event.
    One hour will be given to achieve the goal and the highly acclaimed title of


    All current Thunderdome Champion titles will be up for grabs, so be sure to sign up to defend your titles!

    For this Year's 2022 Thunderdome...

    The fight starts at 8pm EDT and ends at 9:00pm EDT

    Your goal is to capture the base points, you will have to hold at least 2-3 capture points to score a point for your team every 1 min. If you failed to hold 2-3 capture points in a min to score a point, it will reset the timer. The team with the highest capture score every min will win Thunderdome!

    Put your trust in one of the squad leaders for this year's Thunderdome and they will lead you to victory.

    For this year we have
    AOD_Frrunnkkiss - Squad Leader of VS
    AOD_Mavido - Squad Leader of NC
    AOD_Apple25788 - Squad Leader of TR

    Sign up HERE
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