Please join the AOD Apex division for a fun event: Killathon!!

This will be a fun and friendly event where we can all push together as a team, score points, win prizes and more importantly…bragging rights.

This is how it works:

You will be placed in a team (at random) of 2-3 AOD members. You need to play as much Apex as possible in the 3 hour time frame of the event. Ranked or Pubs Battle Royale.
After each round, your team captain will screenshot your team’s final stats and submit them to a Killathon official.
Scoring will be as follows:

Kills - 1 point
Team Placement - Points by finishing position.
5th Place Finish - 1 point
4th Place Finish - 2 points
3rd Place Finish - 3 points
2nd Place Finish - 4 points
1st Place Finish - 5 points

The team with the most points at 4pm EST will be the winner of our first Killathon of the new AOD Apex Division.

But…what are these prizes you speak of?

Glad you Asked!

First Place: Each player will receive a $10.00 Steam Gift Card. First place winners will also earn a forums badge (when we go Full Time and have Forums Badges).

Second Place: Each player receives an AOD Can Coozie, made by the wonderful AOD_Aleustria. Those can be seen Here

Third Place: Each player receives a LARGE AOD Decal. Seriously, this thing is cool - check it out on my Tower Here

If you want to play, Sign Up Here

Any questions? Please feel free to respond to this post and I will be more than happy to answer them.