This year the AOD stream team raised money for Stack Up. Each year we choose Stack Up as one of our two organizations we raise money for because of their contribution to giving back to active and retired military members. This year we were able to send two supply crates with the funds we raised during our stream. Here is an update on the second one we sent! It has not been delivered as of yet but when it is I will be sure to post some more photos of the unit that received the package!

A message about the unit that is receiving the supply crate to:
We are Gladiators! We are forward deployed on a minesweeper in the Middle East and most of us are here unaccompanied. We work long days, in an insanely hot climate. When most of the sailors finish their workday they head back to their barracks room or rental apartments. Work and sleep is all many sailors, especially the junior sailors do for the 18 or so months they are stationed here. I want to change that. Iím working with the triad and our ombudsman to find way to boost moral and forge a ship community. Our job is not easy. But your supply crate can help- your materials provide a diversion from the grind. Gaming brings people together. We do have time, especially on duty nights and weekends where where having a gaming system would be awesome! Shipmates can come together and do something relaxing and fun. We need it. Our moral is so low out here. We need something to remind us of home and take our minds off the day to day work life here.

Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the stream team and this fantastic organization. We look forward to this event each year and we cant wait for the next one!