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    Default AOD's War Thunder Division 10th Anniversary - April 29th

    The war thunder division is inviting you to come and join us in our celebration of our 10th year anniversary!

    We got minigames, giveaways, tournaments and much more planned, so stay tuned as we will be putting out more posts and links to them with more details later on here.

    Links to our events:

    Screenshot contest

    Aircraft AOD Decal Set up

    Squad score in a match

    We're also going to be streaming our shenanigans on AOD's official Twitch channel!

    The events will be going on from 14:00 EST-until we quit!

    Everyone will be able to partake in our events as war thunder is free, cross platform, and it can be run on a toaster, just ask our CO!
    All of our events will be playable by everyone, it doesn't matter if you're new to war thunder or a veteran!

    We are giving out this forum badge to people who have done something extraordinary for the war thunder division!


    What is this game about? Military vehicles you can play with, Lawn darts (Planes), Peddle cars with slingshots (Tanks), Rubber duckies (Boats), and weed whackers (Helicopters). You can play Arcade, Realistic, Sim, or Custom matches witch we try to have fun events like our Super Squad Saturday events.

    But where do I download war thunder? It's simple, You go to War Thunder's website and make an account and then proceed to download the game! You can also download it from the Steam Store!

    When is this taking place? We're celebrating our anniversary on the 29th of April from 14:00 EST to whenever we feel like quitting! Yes, we are a bunch of Quitters!

    Where is this going to happen? We will be down in a custom teamspeak channel in the war thunder division!

    I would like to thank the stream and media teams, our officers and Naxy for making this all happen!

    We're hoping to see a lot of you there! Anyways, until then we'll see you on ts and in-game!
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