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    Default PlanetSide AODlympics - Saturday, May 6

    The AODlympics will be held on Saturday May 6th, 2023 at 7 PM EDT on the Jaeger event server.

    Two teams will compete for the gold across 4 different events. We invite any and all Angels of Death to join the PlanetSide Division in its annual feats of skill. Choose a team to work together with to achieve victory across four custom made events.

    No prior skill, unlocks, or characters are required. The event will take place on Jaeger where fully leveled and equipped characters will be provided. Refreshments will not be provided.


    Sergeant Skeet Shoot
    Teams use AP lightnings to shoot officers on the grav lifts at a biolab

    Flash Jousting
    1v1 tournament where two flashes charge each other and attempt to knock the other player off their flash the winner advances

    MAX Soccer
    Soccer with MAXes and light assaults, what else do you need to know?

    Corsair Trickshots
    Launch your team mates from the Corsair catapult at a target

    Download PlanetSide 2 on Steam beforehand if you plan to attend, sign up on the event thread HERE.
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