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    Default PlanetSide Community Smash - July 27

    Community Smash 11

    Event Date - July 27, 3pm EDT/1900 UTC

    Sign-up Now!


    Community Smash is returning for its eleventh installment! Community Smash is the largest PlanetSide event there is, with outfits across the world banding together into two teams to fight it out on the Jaeger event server.
    The entire continent is fair ground, with every lattice open to attack across two determined teams to claim victory. This year Hossin will host the fight.

    Everyone in AOD, ex-PlanetSide or not, is invited to partake in this opportunity. Pre-leveled accounts are provided on the event server so no previous experience is required. Make sure you have the game downloaded and SIGN UP before they close!

    Don't delay and sign-up, there are options available in the form if you are indeterminate.

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