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    Default Step 1: Application Process [READ FIRST]

    Step 1: Verify You Meet the Prerequisites
    As a member of clan AOD, you will be expected to obtain and set up certain programs for your computer. Additionally, there are a few requirements that you must be able to meet in order for you to remain in good standing as a member:

    1) You MUST have TeamSpeak 3 Client! TeamSpeak 3 is a program used for voice communication with other members during gameplay. We also use TeamSpeak during our division meetings. You are not required to have a microphone, but having one allows you to get greater use out of the program. This program can be downloaded from
    Additionally, you should have a Steam/Discord account so we can contact you to finish the recruitment process

    2) You MUST be able to READ and POST on our forums! You should be prepared to read and post to the forums at least once per week, MINIMUM! The forums are used to notify members of meetings, clan matches, and other important information, so you must be prepared to put the time into the forums. I myself (and most of the other members) check the forums at least once per day. As you will see, a week's worth of posts take a LONG time to go through! Checking once per day takes about 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how many posts you read and reply to. It is understood that you may not be able to check every week, due to family obligations, school, etc., However, every effort should be made to check the forums!

    3) The most important requirement we have is that you MUST AGREE TO ABIDE BY OUR CODE OF CONDUCT! This is NON-NEGOTIABLE! We are an honor clan and take our Code of Conduct VERY seriously. If you do become a member, and are repeatedly found in violation of the Code, you WILL be EXPELLED from the clan!

    Step 2: Filling Out an Application
    In order to officially apply to AOD, you must fill out an application. Use the "APPLY HERE" link at the top of the forums or the link down below to apply to the AOD Jedi Knight Division.
    Please note that all fields require an answer.

    Step 3: Wait For a Decision On Your Application
    Once you submit your application, your in-game activity will be monitored by AOD JK Staff. Please be aware that all AOD know and all AOD are watching you. Any behavior that is negative towards our rules and is seen by an AOD member will be reported.

    This clan is represented in attitude. "Skill can be taught, but attitude is king."

    After some time, your application will be marked by any of the following four tags:

    [Approved]: Your application has been approved and you are ready to be recruited into AOD!
    Please note that although your application was accepted, you are not officially in AOD just yet!

    [Denied]: Your application was not accepted by AOD JK administration.

    [Withdrawn]: Applicant has chosen to withdraw their application upon request.

    [Expired]: Applicant has not remained active on AOD servers or has failed to maintain communication in order to be recruited into the clan after being approved.

    Be sure to check back frequently to view the status of your application!

    Persons of Contact:
    For those of you who don't know some of the JK Division Staff and who you can talk to, go to the following link:

    Please feel free to ask them all the questions you want about the clan when they are not busy.

    Only Sgts and above can give promotions and demotions and they should only be given for good service to AOD
    • Sgt / CO / XO: Jedi Councilor [JC] Level 1 Admins
    • Cpl: Jedi Master [JM] Level 1 Admins
    • LCpl: Jedi Guardian [JG] Level 2 Admins
    • Tr: Jedi Trainer [JT] Level 2 Admins
    • Spec: Jedi Knight [JK]
    • Pfc: Learner [L]
    • Pvt: Apprentice [A]
    • Cdt: Padawan [P]
    • Rct: Initiate [I]*

    * Initiates must undergo probational membership. Any activity that breaks any rule in the Code of Conduct more than once will result in a boot from the clan. Recruits are examined every 15th and 30th to determine if they get a promotion to cadet.

    If you would like more information on AOD's ranks please go to this thread:

    Secret Code:
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