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    Alright everyone.

    I would like to get some points across before posting in the Art Museum, so here is a little F.A.Q. on what to do, and what not to do.


    Q: What is the Art Museum?
    A: The Art Museum is a place where people can share graphic design and art.

    Q: What is the general point of posting here?
    A: To comment on people art, and or, post up your own.

    Q: What program is mostly used here?
    A: Most of the people in the Art Museum use Adobe Photoshop of all versions. Others use different editing programs, or different programs all together. But Photoshop is the favorite of the Art Museum.

    Q: I want to learn how to make signatures, how would I do this?
    A: Well, people have made many signature tutorials around this part of the forums. I personally have made a couple tutorials, and will post a link for reference.

    Basic Signature Making Tutorial.

    Q: I just made a bunch of signatures! I think I will make a thread for each one!
    A: Wrong. If you are wanting to post the signatures you have made for yourself, please just make one topic for yourself, containing a signature once in awhile, to show off what you have made. It keeps down spam, and keeps down complaints.

    Q: I see alot of people who are better than me at graphic design, why can't I make things like that?
    A: You can make things like that. Believe it or not, the best way to learn, is to play with the programs that you are provided with, and in time, you will be making things like no tomorrow.

    Q: I have another graphics community that I made/post on, I want people to join!
    A: Well, please don't spam an advertisement here. We are here just for fun, not for competition or anything else for that matter. So inform members another way. Keep it out of the Art Museum.

    Q: I have been arguing with some person for awhile in the Art Museum, what should I do?
    A: The best thing to do, is to just not reply to them. It is your own personal matter with that person. The people who post everyday here don't want to hear your problems with this person. So please to not keep an argumentive conversation going in the Art Museum, otherwise, the topic will be closed due to spam.

    Q: I can't get ahold of some of these programs, and can't make a signature, what do I do?
    A: That's alright. Just post a request for a signature, and one of our signature makers, will get back to you as soon as they can with your request. So keep checking the thread that you posted.

    Q: Where do I host signatures/images?
    A: Photobucket. Best place ever.

    Q: Can I spam?
    A: Absolutly not. If you spam in this section, your topic will be closed, and proper action will be put in place. In otherwords, don't spam, or else.

    Q: What is the propper way to comment on peoples signatures?
    A: The best way to comment on peoples signatures is to give constructive critisism, or to tell your honest opinion. So be kind, and honest.

    Q: What is a render?
    A: A render is an image that has been cut out for signature/graphic design use.

    Q: I love huge signatures!
    A: We don't. Please follow the rules. The maximum signature size is 500 x 200 pixels. So please follow them. Thanks.


    If everyone could please follow this F.A.Q./Rules, I can garuntee, that the Art Museum will be a much happier and friendly place to post.
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