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Thread: Tech Help Rules

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    Default Tech Help Rules

    This is a list of rules outlining the Computer Tech Support Forum.

    1. You can post any techinical related problem that you have. Anything from computers to gameboys is fair game.
    2. When posting a problem, please give as much information as possible. You may not think that your CPU is effecting your networking, but it probably is.
    3. When responding to a question or request for help, please give informed answers and give reference to the said information.
    4. Please refrain from spam in this forum. This forum is here to help everyone who needs it and is not for your everyday blather.
    5. Please refrain from posting items for sale or offering to buy items from other members. The exchange of money between members is discouraged.
    6. Upon resolution of the issue at hand, if a "Thank You" and a "Your Welcome" is implied then the matter is finished. Do not continue to post to the thread.

    Thanks for checking out the AOD Tech Help Forum!
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