Guild Wars 2
What made you interested in joining AOD?
I am part of the AOD-A clan in WoT and would like to be a member of the Guild wars 2 part of the clan when it releases due to the fact that this clan is one of the best and is organized.
What is your in game name?
Rowskull ( probably will also be Rowskull in Guild wars 2)
Who referred you?
Myself, part of AOD-a in WoT
Do you have any clan experience?
Are you currently in any other clans or guilds?
Do you have a Mic?
Have you ever used Ventrilo?
Xfire name?
Do you have any competitive experience in ladders or tournaments?
yes in WoT
Timezone or Location
NA Eastern time zone
Tell us more about yourself
Currently in college so there will be certain times where I will not to be as active as usual. However, of course, I will be as active as the time I have permits.
Are you a former Guild Wars Player
no but wanted to start but found out tha guild wars 2 is in development so didn't bother to pay for it.