Guild Wars 2
What made you interested in joining AOD?
the reason I am applying for AOD is that I find gaming with people a lot more fun than gaming alone and can affect the future of my MMO experiences
What is your in game name?
Who referred you?
I saw a Facebook ad
Do you have any clan experience?
Truthfully the only clan experience i have is on LOTRO, but that was a laid back Clan and we did no raids etc
Are you currently in any other clans or guilds?
Do you have a Mic?
Have you ever used Ventrilo?
Xfire name?
Do you have any competitive experience in ladders or tournaments?
Timezone or Location
GMT +0
Tell us more about yourself
I am a 17 year old lad that currently lives in the UK who is very interested in the new upcoming game GW2, most games I have played I have gotten really bored of due to me playing solo, yet the odd few games where I have not played solo I actually enjoyed alot
Are you a former Guild Wars Player
I have never played the original GW