Guild Wars 2
What made you interested in joining AOD?
I used to be in AOD back in the times of Guild wars 1
What is your in game name?
its going to be starting With Azstec
Who referred you?
Do you have any clan experience?
Yes i used to play diffrent games in diffrent clans as soon as i started with online gaming
Are you currently in any other clans or guilds?
Do you have a Mic?
Have you ever used Ventrilo?
Xfire name?
Do you have any competitive experience in ladders or tournaments?
i used to with Americas Army back in the time with AOD aswell.
Timezone or Location
+1 GMT Netherlands
Tell us more about yourself
I am a Chef working at a 1 michelin star Restaurant in the netherlands by working 4 days a week and 1 day of school. in my spare time i play games hang-out/party with friends.

Guild wars based:
I still play the game alot especially achieving hall of monuments achievments atm to get ready for gw2. i played the game since the release date of prophecies.
Are you a former Guild Wars Player
Yes i still do