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    Default New Members Guide To The Forum

    How Does Forum Access Work?

    Non-members have limited access to the forums.
    Once you have been accepted as a full member,
    a forum Admin will give your account full forum access.
    This will take up to 24 hours, most of the times less than a day.

    AOD Rules and Regulations

    Code of Conduct --> The CoC is a list of rules that all members are required to follow, feel free to give it a read

    Rules and Regulations --> Our Rules and Regulations, a must read for anyone wanting to join AOD

    Our Activities

    Division Meeting --> Our only mandatory activity, once a month (every 3rd sat.) we hold a division meeting, to discuss all important matters about the clan, and handle promotions.
    Which will be announced in the Announcement Section. If you can't make it, let your officers know or post it in the meetings announcement.

    Trainings --> From the basics to advanced flight manoeuvres and team-play. We have members who would love to help you! So feel free to ask around! and we promise a member will be willing to help you

    Squadron Battles --> Our Members regularly participate in Squadron battles for both AB and RB, and we always love when more people join us for them!

    Death Eagle's AB Team Info
    Death Eagle's RB Team Info
    Death Eagle's Competitive Wing Info

    Tournaments --> We in AOD regularly participate in Tournaments, both involving official and non official tournaments. It's lots of fun and everyone is welcome!

    Our Current Tournament

    Super Squad Saturday's --> The WT Divison holds squad nights on Saturday's, many fun events: Death Races, Boat Races, Bi-planes versus bomber, bomber wars… etc. Great fun and you will die laughing!

    Super Squad Saturday Thread

    Forum Sections: Explained


    The Hanger --> It is the relaxed general section, to post some funny stuff or general chit-chat.

    Recruitment Center --> This is where all applications are posted and processed.

    Members only:

    Recruitment Archive --> This is where the accepted applications are moved to.

    Announcement Board --> All important updates on the clan and the game are posted here, as well as the announcements of meetings.

    Division Structure --> This is to organize our division, its so that the staff members have an organized view of all the members.
    This is where the promotions or LOA's are handled. If you know you are going to be away from the game/ forums for over 4 weeks follow the directions here:Requesting a LOA

    Briefing Room --> Beside training, this is another way to improve your flying, detailed guides are posted here, as well as questions to be answered by experienced Pilots and Tankers

    Competitive Wing --> This is where all the information involving competitive stuff is

    Meet Your Staff & Officers:

    War Thunder's Ranking Structure

    Sergeant and Up Name Date Promoted
    SSgt_BoomBoomStick [CO] 6/17/2017
    Sgt_Whaleco [XO] 8/31/2016
    Sgt_Argonaught_ [XO] 04/15/2017
    Sgt_Henkie_Jager 8/11/2015
    Sgt_Night_Shade_ 11/30/2016
    Sgt_DonnyMack 06/23/2017
    Corporal Name Date Promoted
    Cpl_PapaPnut UNKNOWN
    Cpl_Templar8899 07/06/2017
    Lance Corporal Name Date Promoted
    LCpl_Bangle6 UNKNOWN
    LCpl_Lt_FellaWhite 05/20/2017
    LCpl_Roeffel 06/25/2017
    LCpl_K_Ali 01/07/2017
    Trainer Name Date Promoted
    Tr_tomtom889 UNKNOWN
    Tr_Doggs133 UNKNOWN
    Tr_Shinigami_II (Hoban) 04/15/2017
    Tr_Clyptic 06/24/2017
    Tr_DarkSoulViper 06/24/2017
    Tr_CuteReaper 06/24/2017
    Tr_WonkySole 06/24/2017
    Specialist Name Date Promoted
    Spec_Barzack UNKNOWN
    Spec_B.Rubble UNKNOWN
    Spec_SgtSt1 02/18/2017
    Spec_Kiros_the_Grey 03/18/2017
    Spec_Sworn Assassin 02/18/2017
    Spec_Juniko 05/20/2017
    Spec_UAREBBQ 05/20/2017
    Spec_DutchBias 05/20/2017
    Spec_Luke9500 06/25/2017
    Spec_Bonegoggle 06/24/2017
    Spec_DeKrieg 06/24/2017

    If you want to PM a specific Officer group copy :

    Sergeants :
    AOD_BoomBoomStick; AOD_henkie_jager; AOD_Whaleco; AOD_Night_Shade_; AOD_Argonaught_; AOD_DonnyMack;

    Corporals :
    AOD_PapaPnut; AOD_Templar8899;

    Lance Corporals :

    AOD_Bangle6; AOD_Lt_FellaWhite;AOD_Roeffel; AOD_K_Ali;

    Trainers :
    AOD_tomtom889; AOD_Doggs133; AOD_Shinigami_II;AOD_CuteReaper; AOD_WonkySole;AOD_Clyptic; AOD_DarkSoulViper;

    Specialists :
    AOD_Barzack; AOD_B.Rubble; AOD_SgtSt1; AOD_Kiros_the_Grey; AOD_Sworn Assassin; AOD_Juniko; AOD_DutchBias; AOD_Bonegoggle; AOD_Dekrieg; AOD_Luke9500;AOD_UAREBBQ;
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