Hello ppl!

As you all know we have a calendar for all the events we have running every week, and it's awesome to see many active members that join these events we have for you! One thing that we will start to have more and more is random events, and its nothing like "Only NCO's can do an event" nonono anyone can start a random event.

The thing is just get together a bunch of people, have an idea and have fun!! (The last part is the most important, even if you're alone, always have fun)

Anyway, for an example tonight I had a plan to just get together a bunch of guys and fly 2v2 or even 3v3 if we were lucky with players, and it ended up with a Chaikatoss, almost 4v4 and a bombers vs bombers game. This is a really fun thing to do with friends and an easy way to find new ppl to fly with in our division, so I really look forward to see more random events popping up here and there, but dont forget that we have the normal events, and that we appreciate ofc if you join the fun on those too.

If you have any questions about events and other stuff, just talk to a NCO, and they will give you guidance!
Happy Friday everyone and hope you have an awesome weekend!