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    Default Changing to WT Division

    Here are the steps you should follow to change to the WT division full-time:

    1. Send your former division CO and the WT CO a PM, stating your wish to move to the WT division
    2. Go to the WT division structure HERE and post up your request, following the example:

      Please Add:
      Full-Time - Sgt_Aviation21 - Aviation21 - AOD
      profile link - forum name - ingame name - ingame squadron you applied to
    3. Edit your AOD member info (same way you would when accepting a promo) and change the division to War Thunder
    4. Search for the AODA, AODB, AODC or AODE squadron in game (ask a WT officer which) and submit an application to get your in game AOD tags
    5. In the game lobby, open the chat, go to the System tab and type in /join AOD, then hit enter, to join the AOD chat channel.)
    6. Make sure you introduce yourself to those you find in the WT channels, we would like to get to know you!
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