I'll be adding all of my songs worth sharing to this thread so check out the replies occasionally since I believe there is a time frame until a post is no longer editable.

Alternatively, f you'd like all my songs to play one after another and hear new ones as they're added simply press play on the top song here on my Soundcloud profile and they will play one after the other!

Here is some of my favorite new stuff I've created since my last thread

Freestrained (Hands up, high energy)

Make it (Trap, hip hop-like instrumental)

Fourtrip (Happy song I made for Tripfour's Titanfall video, feels like a song for a commercial)

Finality (High energy EDM)

Pressure (High tension EDM)

Fork In The Road (Piano mixed with some high energy electro stuff)

All songs are downloadable without an account, feel free to download and share them as much as you like. It feels incredible knowing my songs are coming up on someone's phone or iPod while they're in the car or coming up on iTunes while playing a game.

Let me know what you think!