Theme: Mystery Story with some Action, Gore, and Adventure

Plot: Chicago City, Countryside Around Chicago, and Overseas(Ireland)

This is a 'in process' story I am writing. The backstory to it so far is about a 22 year old named, named Trent Maudel, who just came back from serving his 4 years in the military. The reason for him to return to his humble abode was for his recently deceased parents funeral. Whilst back in his home town, just outside of Chicago, he learns about his younger brother, Jimmy Maudel, knowing information, on what should be an accident of his parent's murder, that it was actually a hit target. The next day, searching around town for his brother, Trent and Liza, the middle child of the two, come across a huge ordeal between two groups, which Jimmy was apart of. With Trent settling the dispute between the two and Liza retrieving Jimmy and sitting in the car, two unmarked SUVs come to a full stop, 4 men in each get out, and start firing towards the mass, aiming for Trent and his siblings. With Trent's vehicle getting gunned down and the mass of people being shot up, Trent sneaks out the crowd, grabs his siblings, and they take off running down an alleyway...

So far that is as far as I have gotten with the backstory. I want the actual story to start in with the three in Chicago, knocking on the front door of their uncle's apartment. The more creative, realistic it can be, the better. Hope to see great ideas you have got to offer and if you think there can be a better title, please mention it. Hope you guys think this will be cool and would enjoy having some AOD members help make this story worth while.

See you on the field,