Hello AoD!

How's it going everybody? My clan and I started playing Red Orchestra 2 about 3 months ago. We liked the game enough to buy a server! We are working on getting a server going and populated on that game, shouldn't be to hard once we get like 15 people in there but it is a problem when our clan only has 5 that play the game and normally we get about 7 randoms that join in with us. The server is setup as a campaign, honor level is a required 20 to get into the server (people that just bought the game and are lvls 10-19 can't join), we set the honor level so that we can get rid of some frustrations with newer players that have played CoD Ghosts for to long. We've made a few other tweaks to the server that will allow it to be the only server of it's type running Red Orchestra 2. There are no mods on the server, so as long as you're level 20+ you can join. I'm not trying to recruit anybody to our clan from you guy's but it'd be awesome to start getting people in our server and hopefully someday see you guy's have a server up and running as well. I've already seen about 10-15 different people with AoD tags playing Ro2 so hence why I came here.

So here's a little bit of a background and history of our clan, I won't make it huge hopefully. My clan's name is Beast of the East [BE]. We've been around for about 8 going on 9 years in August. Our clan leaders are Wiggsy, Bionog, Johnny/rogue, and myself, we've got about 50-75 active members. We've always been a decent sized clan more of a community I'd say. We started off on Call of Duty United offensive, at that time we had 3 noobs playing LAN multiplayer and 4 other players, myself included. We spent 5 years on UO when the game finally died and left us scrambling for a new game to play. The newer Call of duties just weren't our type of game to play, some fun but not really a game to invest in, kind of hard to build a community there. Most of the clan moved to World of tanks where they are currently and they've been doing well there. The other half has been marked as the "outcasts" and kept looking for a classic shooter to play. Johnny and I found Red Orchestra 2 and now we're looking to expand even more.

Our overall plan for RO2 is to be able to have a community between all the clans on that game. Make it so everyone knows everyone all the tags are known and it's more of a hangout shooter rather than a rage out shooter. So that's about where we are now and we're looking forward to hear from you guy's. PM me if you have any questions or if I over stepped my stay lol.