Yes, more pics/pics-thread..!

Showing off some *famous* aircraft of the Allied campaign to clear the Ruhr as well as keeping active on the forum - I feel smart..
Also got my best RB as of yet, while being slightly "under dogged" I think..

First out, The USMC along with some captured Hien were the mainstay of the fighter contigent, or so I have been told...

Head ons! They are everywhere..! Fw 190 came climbing up towards me while I was covering four (yeah.. -->4) guys chasing an He-111..

And while i did what you are supposed to do with the F4U - turning (only one turn, lol! And the Fw 190 is worse than me..?) another famous aircraft of the Ruhr campaign showed up a bit, erm, weird? Another F4U - but this time of the US Navy..

I slotted in behind the Fw 190 and he kept barrell rolling all the way... You some people do that in Arcade now and then. Do they think they are harder to hit? Atleast this one was not, maybe it helps now and then, I dunno..

That US Navy guy came back and though I did need a helping hand. I did not, Hans took a bath.

Next game and I took my lovelly P-40 again. It is now BR 3.0 so I more often than not face TIII stuff and are teamed up with F4Us, P-47s and similar. Weird to me but what do I know..

The enemy consisted of Bf 109 F4 Trops and the famous workhorse P-47 (two or three of them - the Krauts capped one as far as I know..)
One of them together with a Bf 109 F4 Trop, for the tropical cnditions in the Rurh I presume, came screaming past chasing a buddy.. I slotted in behind since both were occupied trying to get the kill..

i hit the P-47 - but a FRACTION of a second after he crashed..! Damn! Had a beautiful lined up firing resolouttion..!

F4 Trop tried to get away,) I slotted in behind..

Good buy Kraut!

But the sky was full of them! Another one tried to strafe my buddies on the runway..

No way Heinz! No hiding in the trees!

That was an E-3 this time.

But the fighting was still going on over that airfield! A friend was being chased by yet another Bf 109 F4 Trop, is it the Green House effect that focres them to use that??

That guy got so many crits before I nicked the pilot... I should probably have saved the ammo really..

Right wing, elevator, rudder - and then a bullet in the head..

Get off me pals!
I still had plenty off ammo left (!) though and spotted an He-111 sneaking off.. Started to chase..

I was closing in when I saw a friendly P-400 coming up behind, another of those famous aircraft fighting over the Ruhr.. He went for the He-111 even tough there was yet another Bf 109 screaming in on his arse..! I broke!

..but ended up having him try to do a head on.. Was a bit slow on speed there so felt I had to take him on..

It was a Bf 109 F2 this time.

I took some damage to the wing and got pink elsewhere, but not that bad.. His oil tank got fakked up.. And he kept going for that uncautios (stupid!) P-400..

They soon came back my way and it was time to save that P-400 that did not give a fack to cover MY ass.. (Yeah I am pissed about flying like that.)

Slotting in behind Kurt..

So.. You damaged my wing? Eye for an Eye Fritz..

Yeah you try to land with exactly 1.5 wings..!

Didn´t think so...:boobies:

Yeah, I got four player kills with that P-40E-1 in what I felt was some tougher planes. And I still fly like I do in Arcade (ie. wrong!) - so you RB guys, when you see me online, hook me up and friggin´ learn me to do it right!