You have one,singular,uno,1 week to respond to this or the txt message I will send out tomorrow.If You do not,I will petition Sr.Officers to remove You,period.Not from "active' list,but from AOD,period/full stop. I was given the task of building a active squad and will do so with vigor,glee,and completely NO compunction whatsover. Inactive players are a scourge of our clan.Earning,then discarding the AOD tag and our training together. I don't mind wasting other people's time,but MY time is friggin' important,and take that view towards AOD as well. Repeat,NOT responding to this post,or the txt msg sent out,within one week,7 days *or a galactic 6.7 yrs* will result in petition to be removed from clan. Apply for a LOA if needed,we'll work w/ya. Ty and-
pre-take off checklist
check starter
actuate all control surfaces
secure cockpit
engage brakes
increase power
up gear
up flaps