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    Hey guys, I was a member for 7 days and evidently me playing on a different server to see what they offered is against the law with some of the kids you have being admins. I enjoy playing this game and will not tolerate some fucktard with and ego trip kicking me form the squad because one of his buddy friends me and shall i say rats me out for playing on another server. I think you guys are taking this shit way to serious! I was about to donate $50 to the clan for the servers and what not. I am just glad i read that i was kicked right before i did it. Nothing personal against AOD or its members, I will still play with the guys that friended me and will have a good time. PEACE!!!!!

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    It's unfortunate that you had a poor experience with us, Capt_stabbin92, but rules are rules. We don't require money from our members, but we do require loyalty.

    Here is a snippet from the BF4 division rules which your recruiter should have gone over with you:

    Quote Originally Posted by AOD_sepulchrave View Post
    Servers: Our servers are the heart of our Division. It is where we find most of our recruits, it is where we play together and they are AOD's crowning achievment in Battlefield. All members will support their clans servers. If they need to be started, members are expected to drop what they are doing and get in there as soon as possible. A members first thought should be to the servers and their well being. If this Divisions servers fail, so does this division.

    We pay good money for our servers, I don't think it's too much to ask that our lovely members support those servers.


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