I am now 21, just another year closer to dying!! WOO!!

A wise friend once told me:
"It's not about your end result in life, it's about what you do to get there. How you live, the way you progress through every day, live it like an adventure. Let nothing hold you back. Don't look back on your life regretting the things you could have done but never did, do what makes you happy but never forget one important thing, happiness comes with a price and the price for life isn't cheap, you're at the age now where you can play hard but you've got to work harder. Prepare for you future, live in the present, and learn from your past."

That friend is now deceased, but the memories he shared with me will forever live on into my memories. That friend was my Great Grandfather, a role model and an inspiration in my life.

Ehh, enough babling, DRINKS FOR EVERYONE.