Well, work has been keeping me busy big time. To the point, where I rarely get any sleep. Made a recent twitter post to our AOD Twitter to tell everyone that I am doing fine and that I will be returning to the skies soon. Actually got to the computer earlier to start the War Thunder patch update to make sure that it does not get behind and force me to have to redownload the game. Hopefully, this weekend, I will be back to the skies and will try my hardest to get on Vent. So, it's not a 100% certainty that I will be fully back this weekend, I will try my dang hardest. I am sorry for my inactivity, because of work and me being with such a busy schedule and if you all choose to remove me from the roster, I will fully understand and be completely okay with it. Owning this company, finding employees, while working on all of the projects is a rough deal, but I have not forgotten my duties here and will be back to full time active status soon enough. Until then, see you then!