Ok so i dont know if my absence has been noted since im a complete newbie but i havent been able to get online and play for different reasons.
First of all, midterms (self explanatory) and car problems.

Secondly, i havent been able to get on any server!!! I will start joining and then it will display that red popup saying to check my internet connection and port 3569? or something like that. Obviously my internet connection is good and ive checked my ports several times and they've all been open. I fixed the game on origin, which worked for me before when this happened, but nothing has worked. Has anyone else been experiencing this problem??? Does anyone know how to fix it??? I need help because im suffering from battlefield deprivation :(

And i apologize for not getting on the forums much but like i said ive been a little busy but ive logged into Vent a few times.