Version 1.45 is almost here. The Dev server is now available for download at:
I highly recommend that everyone do this now and avoid the rush when the new version is released. If you wait until release you will be among thousands of people trying to download all at once.
If you get the dev server now you can not only be a part of the dev process and play whenever they open it for testing, but since you already have the new version, when it is released, all you have to do is change from dev to production. To minimize patching time, simply update the launcher every day and when the game is released, you will only have to make a small patch.
To change servers, start the dev launcher and in the upper right corner is a wrench icon. Click that and then on the left is a dropdown window that says server. Change that to production and you are ready to rock and roll
Saves a whole lot of grief.
Downloading the server now will take approx. 1 to 2 hours. If you wait until release day it can take all day or longer.

Good luck,