So I been having this issue with my keys not working on certain software programs. I have no idea what is causing it but it is becoming very annoying.

For awhile one of my recording programs called Fraps. I use to take videos with this program until one day it started to act up. For what ever reason when I try to change binds to any key on my keyboard, it keeps going straight to F12. So then I uninstalled and reinstalled fraps to see if it would work, but it is still doing the same thing. When I attempted to record fraps with F12. Apparently any key I press would start recording/stop recording. So I thought it was just fraps so I deleted it.

Another program I notice too that was not acting right was when I started to use vmware player to test out galaxies server. It use to be where I would type inside of the vmware generating screen to code some stuff for the server. I would open scripts lua and type some code in them. Now none of my keys from my keyboard don't type out at all on there. The only way I was able to type out was that I have the program to go and click on Unity so it can bring on my windows. It is anoying but at least I got it to work for the time being.

Also just recently I was going to play a video game with someone else. Star Wars Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2. I apparently am also having an issue because it is doing the same thing with fraps. None of my keys work like W to go forward or S to go backward. Instead of the game doing that, it just takes screenshots even though that is not what I have them bind for. When I try to change those keys to something else like R, It goes straight to F12 O_O.

I really do not know what the issue is here nor am I finding anything out of ordinary on my pc.

Its windows 7 64-bit operating system, Process Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU Q720 @1.60GHZ 1.60 GHz laptop. (Can't give the full details about my pc sorry)