Almost back in Action with new Build. My previous computer was 5+ years old (and I am sure it was 2-3 year old technology when built) As time has been going on, my graphics settings were sliding downwards. Some of the very new games (ie Archeage) just had no chance to run. Firefall was laggy, and PS2 distance rending was limited.

The items here are not 2015 technology, but, they have been proven strong in their 1-3 year old lifetime, and the price is manageable. I am sure other have differing opinions on some parts and that is OK!

Proc: AMD FX 8350
Card: GTX 670 (Thanks again AOD_Epicblob!)
MB: ASUS M5A99FX Pro 2.0
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8 GB
Case: Guardian 921 rb
PS: EVGA SuperNova 750
Evo 212 CPU Cooler (Although, using the one that came with the 8350 for now. The 212 cooler is too big for the case, and blocks the intake fan on the door, which has the pretty Blue LED lights on it. If I decide to overclock, I may have to change to the Evo 212. I will see how temps are working when I put it under stress.)
1 TB Hard Drive
Asus CD Drive
Pioneer DVD Drive
Anker lazer Mouse
Windows 7 premium
Sades Headphone with mic

All is up and running. 2 Hours of Windows updates sucked, but, it is done.

Most of the parts were gifts from lucky me!

This is my first build, and there was a lot of articles read/forums searched, and youtube videos watched, but all in all, it was less painful to build than I expected. All the wires are dummy proof, so, they only fit in their slots.

See you in games!~