AOD War Thunder Division is growing everyday with new members that want to learn a lot about the game and how to dominate the sky's.

Well now you can learn more about wing man tactics, aiming, spotting skills, ETC and practice in Events as Gajin brought back my favorite game mode to play in Events! Great for arcade players that look forward to playing RB one of these days and needs a practice first.

This is a great opportunity to get a feel of how to play the game more "Realistically."
In the Events TAB Gajin brought back Realistic Battles without HUD (enemy and friendly markers/WITH a change!) Hopefully this replaces the current "arcade" RB. I will be playing this for awhile!

Realistic battles event: Combined battles
will be available from 12:00 GMT on February 7th to 12:00 GMT on February 9th

Features of this event:

Markers are displayed only for teammates. This will allow teams to coordinate more effectively.

Nations participating: USSR and USA against Germany

Locations: Poland, Mozdkok, Eastern Europe;

Earn points to respawn

This is a EVENT and hopefully I see this replace the current RB mode withOUT any HUD Team mates and Enemy!