Well it sort of worked....... Passed the quiz, but never received the 50K Lions, I did get a DB-7, and now have a second HE-112B-2
"if you already own one, you’ll get another one of the three." Bzzzzzz should have received the LaGG. Oh, well.....You can never have too many He112B-2's (curiously one is BR 3.0 and one BR 2.3 no difference in spec sheets that I can see) LOL Regardless, still got a free DB-7 and free is a very good price.

3 of 7 victories: Get 50.000 !

5 of 7 victories:Get one: He 112B-2, DB-7 or LaGG-3-23!

7 of 7 victories: Get one: He 112B-2, DB-7 or LaGG-3-23!