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    Default Been thinking about a few things

    Recently I've had time to stumble back into Mb2 a bit. I'm in between deployments and have really been enjoying the free time that offers. Some of you probably are wondering who I am and why I am posting here. I was going through an old personal email I used to use to get back in touch with some old friends I lost contact with when I joined the Navy and saw a birthday email message from AOD. It kind of got me thinking about the kind of life I lived about five years ago. I remember the good times I had here and how it helped me get through a pretty low point in my life. I honestly think without some of the friends I had here to game with kept me home more than not, which was probably a good thing, considering how inebriated I was most the time. I also remember how I left this clan, and the shit storm I created as I left. It compelled me to do a google search of my old name, "dakorian". The things I read appalled me. On the way out I threw many people I called friends under the bus to compensate for the anger of not being able to come to terms and accept the consequences of my own actions. Now looking back and reevaluating my actions I was a complete egotistical piece of shit who was wanting to drag anything and everything down with me. Im not sure how many people are still here who had to deal with it, but to those that are I truly apologize. Its no excuse but it was a very low point in my life and playing with you guys was honestly a high point in my day and I repayed that by being vindictive instead of taking accountability for my own conduct. Looking back Im disgusted by the way I acted. I dont live my life like that anymore. Ive been in the Navy for two years now and its really turned my life around. Ive also found my faith and been truly blessed by getting married last year. I truly wish to make amends for the way I acted. I thought about sending a few private messages to those that I still remembered but Im worried Id forget someone. If its not possible to make ammends I understand, I just feel I owe all those I effected with my disgusting conduct a genuine apology.

    Regards, Dak.

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    Hey Dak how you doing


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