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    Default How you can help with recruitment

    how you can help with recruitment

    Recruitment is very important and is the life blood of the war thunder division, and the aod. To aid with recruitment, everyone can help, not just officers.
    Here are a couple of simple ways to help.

    option 1: Bumping our War Thunder forum thread

    All we need to do is keep our recruitment post on the middle to top of page 1 of the war thunder squadrons section, by simply adding a reply.
    You can reply with a positive comment and/or add an interesting picture or video.
    Some examples:
    Respond to other AOD members posts.
    Talk about the latest event you participated in with AOD clan members.
    Share how team work has improved your game play.

    Here is the link

    option 2: Bumping our War Thunder steam thread

    Like the War Thunder forum thread try to keep it active, same rules apply to this!

    AOD steam thread

    option 3: Respond on people who are looking for a squadron

    Several people are looking for a clan on a daily basis; this is another opportunity to gain new members.
    The nice part about this is, the person will say something about themselves, so you have a first impression and can usually tell if they are a good fit for AOD.
    People love it when you give them a personal response to their post, not just a copy and paste like a lot of other clans are doing.
    After typing your personal response you can copy and paste the instructions on how to join AOD.

    option 4: Steam!!!

    You will need a steam account to respond.
    On the steam page you can respond to people that are looking for a squadron!
    Like option 2, explain why AOD is a good fit for them, followed with steam instructions on how to join clan AOD.

    option 5: Recruit in game!!!

    You can send a friendly recruitment message in game, like the following example:
    • - AOD wishes everyone GL and a GG. Check us out at, we are always recruiting.
    • - AOD (angels of death) wishes everyone GL and a have a GG. We are recruiting.
      If interested in joining a clan, check us out at or pm me after this battle!

    • - Hi all! Looking for a clan? AOD is recruiting, pm me for more info (we use ts3)! Gl to all and have a nice game!

    You might get some negative responses, just ignore them or give another positive reply… maybe even keep it light-hearted with a funny response
    (if negative responses continue just don’t reply).
    A lot of the time, it’s those that don’t respond that send you a pm after the battle.

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