After Iowa, Verizon IndyCar Series visits Phillip Island Circuit. The Australian track was last raced in 2014 S3 in open and in 2015 S3 in fixed so drivers have no experience with the current tires here.

Phillip Island is generally a medium downforce track, combining both fast corners and 1st gear hairpins. In cool and grippy conditions, even low downforce is an option. For the main straight and T1 you need the car high enough so that scraping the ground doesn't slow it down. The seaside location means strong winds. The race at 41 laps is a 2 stopper in most cases but a one stopper might be doable if you save some fuel.

Series information:
Track selection: 8 road courses and 4 ovals
License: road C
Max field size: 26 cars
Cars needed for an official race: 8
Race times: every 2 hours starting at 0:00 GMT
SoF race times:
Tuesday 0 GMT / Monday 8 PM EDT
Friday 20 GMT / 4 PM EDT

Phillip Island race information:

Length: 41 laps
Pace lap: full
Pit stops: 1
Fuel needed: 37-39 gallons (140.0-147.6 litres)
Most typical weather conditions: track temperature 65-110 F (18-43 C), strong winds from S or SW
Expected race pace: From 1:11s to 1:13 (front runners) and from 1:13s to 1:16s (mid pack) depending on weather

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