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    Default SCCI's First Season Has Begun!!!

    I am glad to say that SCCI has officially begun!
    SCCI is a sprint race weekend based series. There will be 8 tracks selected for this first series, all being great tracks around the United States of America. Thanks to, MaxSpeedTV, and Inside Sim Racing, the Inside Sim Racing Touring Car Championship has begun.

    For the first series selected will be as the following:

    Touring 2 - Ford Mustang FR500S
    Touring 3 - Global Mazda MX-5 Cup
    Touring 4 - Pontiac Solstice
    Super Touring Lite - Kia Optima
    Super Touring Under - VW Jetta TDI Cup

    We currently have a heavy supply of Mazdas and Kias, but if you would like to join in the Mazda or Kia, that would be great! All 8 of the weekends for SCCI will be the same schedule which will be the following:

    FRIDAY: @ 6:00 PM EST will be a one hour practice (3:00 PM PST & 22:00 GMT).

    SATURDAY: @ 11:00 AM EST will be a 35 minute qualifying session followed by the first 25 minute race (8:00 AM PST & 15:00 GMT).

    SUNDAY: @ 9:00 AM EST will be a short 10 minute "warmup" followed by a 40 minute race in laps or 50 minutes, whichever comes first* (6:00 AM PST & 13:00 GMT).

    *NOTE- To determine grid for the 2nd race, I will be taking your 2nd fastest lap in qualifying, so it is important to run qualifying if you are planning on running the 2nd race.

    For the first season, I have selected 2 tracks from each "region" (which I hope to do in the longer run), so I decided to make a schedule for the tracks like so:

    Summit Point Raceway - July 29th thru 31st
    Sebring International - August 12th thru 14th
    Auto Club Competition - August 26th thru 28th
    Indianapolis Motor Speedway Bike - September 9th thru 11th
    Watkins Glen Boot - September 23rd thru 25th
    Road Atlanta Full - October 7th thru 9th
    Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca - October 21st thru 23rd
    Road America Full - November 4th thru 6th

    Week 1: Summit Point Raceway

    Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 1.11.33 PM.png

    Summit Point Raceway
    - 1.98 Miles (3.187 km)
    - 10 Turns

    Friday Practice:
    - 1 Hour Practice Session
    - Begin @ 6:00 PM EST on July 29th (3:00 PM PST & 22:00 GMT)
    - 74 degrees Fahrenheit
    - 36% Humidity
    - 4 MPH wind to the Southwest
    - Partly Cloudy
    - Time of Day = Late Afternoon
    - 10% Track State

    Saturday Qualifying and Race 1:
    - 35 minute qualifying and 25 minute race
    - Begin @ 11:00 AM EST on July 30th (8:00 AM PST & 15:00 GMT)
    - 68 degrees Fahrenheit
    - 48% Humidity
    - 11 MPH wind to the Southeast
    - Mostly Cloudy
    - Afternoon
    - 10% Track State at Qualifying, 15% at Race
    - Rolling Start
    - 0 Fast Repairs
    - Manually Thrown Cautions if needed

    Sunday "Warmup" Race 2:
    - 30 laps or 50 minute race
    - Begin @ 9:00 AM EST on July 31st (6:00 AM PST & 13:00 GMT)
    - 71 degrees Fahrenheit
    - 34% Humidity
    - 9 MPH wind to the Southeast
    - Partly Cloudy
    - Morning
    - 10% Track State at Qualifying, 15% at Race
    - Rolling Start
    - 0 Fast Repairs
    - Manually Thrown Cautions if needed
    NOTE - Grid for Race #2 is based off of your 2nd fastest lap time in qualifying

    Make sure to apply to the league if you have not already and register for the first season!

    Thanks and greatly appreciated,
    Carter Kundinger

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    great work guys!


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