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    Money Wolvie's Crazy Deals aka Why High Mastery Rank Can Mean a Deal [Seller]

    This is simple and I won't make this post too long because it doesn't need to be.

    If you need to buy something with platinum, ask me first if I am online.

    Why? Because I have already built just about everything in the game, so every part I have left in my possession in an extra.

    And I don't need to be greedy when it comes to setting a price either, because after a while, there isn't much left to spend platinum on either except for the truly rare items in the game like Prime Mods and Arcane.

    So, if there is something you want, ask a high Mastery Rating clan member first to check their inventory to see if they have extras, especially me.

    Now, for what you should offer so as that there is a minimum of haggling, I'll tell you what I use to determine if an offer is fair or more than fair:

    I use the middle number as a guide, offer below that and I just hold on to the item in question or sell it for ducats or credits. If there is no entry, I generally think that 20 platinum is a good minimum for a fair starting negotiations offer as it is the cost of a Frame inventory slot. And even if you don't have platinum, if you are asking about a mod I think you should have to help another clan member succeed at the game, 4 Gold Core Fusion mods is perfect, as there is still demand at higher MRs to rank mods to 10 and that takes hundreds of fusion cores and millions of credits.

    And I know what some of you are thinking is old info ... yeah, some of it is my old info. I used to run a clan store selling prime items for my fellow clan mates before that clan died of inactivity and I would submit weekly sales info to that site's administrators. If you think a price is way off on that site, its is easily remedied for the benefit of all if you just tell them your trade sales history. The fact of the matter, even the best kept up to date site is always going to be old trading info and you really have to trust your own gut on what you think is fair between a buyer and seller, which has many influencing factors that impact the supply and demand curve.

    Well, I hope I can help and if ever someone offers lower than me, I will always say the same thing, the seller's motto if you will "You should buy it from them then, I'll just hold on to this for ducats or credits *shrugs*" which kinda makes me immune to buyers getting me into a bidding war with another seller, if they want to sell below the old average, that's their call.

    Peace and happy hunting!

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    Thanks, CanadianWolverine. I'll take you up on this sometime when I know what I want.


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