Greetings my brothers and sisters of the battlefield,

Today's rant isn't really a rant per say but a thought and a question. First the question, how many of you like the special events and special games that our leaders provide for us ? I would say I do very much like some of the games and events that they come up with like the zombie attack games and air superiority maps. however there are some games that could be better like the one that starts out with you having to use a ballistic shield to kill with and work your way up to the better weapons and the first person to accomplish the progression to the last weapon and kills first with it win. not sure what that game is called but not one of my favorites. I do like the games like obliteration and rush and the air superiority games. now here's my thought, for those of you that like the air superiority games should also like a ground superiority game. but I have not seen one played here yet. I have played an all out ground vehicle battle with fast spawning tanks and LAV's while playing BF2142 and it was a kick to play. BF 4 has a few maps that could accommodate such a game like for example Golmud and Silk Road come to mind. in this type of scenario you only have three flags to capture and hold to win you cant just beat them in a battle of attrition. any large map that already uses tanks and other armored vehicles could be used as well as the two previously mentioned. All the different types of armored ground vehicles can be available including the hover tanks. you can use hand held weapons like RPG'S and other rocket launchers but you have to have a tank or LAV to get into the battle and when your equipment is about to be destroyed you can try to repair or you can hit the ground and take your chances on foot to try to get to one of the tank spawns, and in the mean time take a few tanks and LAV out with your rocket launcher on your way back to your base if you can make it the far.
If this sounds like something you would like to see come available for special events, get with your squad leader and or an admin and see if that is something they can put together for us. Take to Tboose because he is one that come up with some really great games and ask him to look into it for us all. Just a thought.
UNTIL THE NEXT TIME WE MEET ON THE BATTLEFIELD, battle on my brothers and sisters and I hope you all have a great thanksgiving well at least my fellow American brothers and sisters and for those who are from other parts of the world happy holidays, what ever those holidays may be for you.