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    Default Code of Conduct

    AOD's Code of Conduct

    The Angels of Death Code of Conduct is a set of core values of our clan. Not only is it a rule set for member conduct, it is also a statement about what kind of gamers we are, and who we're looking for.

    All members agree to the Code of Conduct upon being accepted into the clan, and are expected to uphold the code at all times. Our code ensures that our members conduct themselves respectfully and preserve the respected image of the clan.

    Violation of the Code of Conduct can result in removal from AOD.

    1. Strive to conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner:
    Do not accuse other players/clans of hacking or comment on their gameplay. Do not talk trash when winning or losing. Do not TK on purpose. If you hate it being done to you, don't do it to others. Remember the Golden Rule.

    2. Offer help to anyone who seeks it, if it is possible:
    Never be too busy to help another member with an issue they have. Don't condemn others for not knowing what you know. If you know how to fix a problem, do not tell them to go find someone else because you don't want to be bothered. AOD members are willing to sacrifice their time in order to help those in need.

    3. Project a positive image of yourself and the AOD clan to others:
    People judge an entire group based on the actions of what ONE person does. If you are being obnoxious, those players assume all of AOD is obnoxious. Each AOD member is an ambassador for all of AOD. Remember this before you speak or type. Let your actions reflect well on AOD, always.

    4. Put the needs of the clan first, above personal goals:
    If we need people for practice, or to help start an event/game, or help with a special task, stop playing and come help us. If we need help figure something out for vehicle maneuvering or unusual uses for game equipment, stop playing and help us. AOD benefits from everyone being a part of what we do here.

    5. Support members of AOD:
    If someone isn't up to par with a game mechanic, weapon or even Vehicle you know very well, help them. Don't just let them continue to get slaughtered. Extend any knowledge of anything you are aware of to your fellow members. That helps ALL of us when it comes time to back each other up on the battlefield.

    6. Attempt to resolve personal differences directly with the concerned individual(s):
    If someone is annoying you or you don't agree with what someone did or how they are acting, let them know. They can't correct things if they don't know what they are doing wrong. Do not yell at them in a TS room full of other people. Be tactful and respectful. Ask them to join another channel or use Teamspeak's private chat function to inform that person of what is going on and how to possibly fix it. If the situation escalates into something that it shouldn't, SIGN OFF Teamspeak. Take a breather. Don't let something stupid get 2 members kicked from AOD. WORK IT OUT PEACEFULLY. If necessary, go up the chain of command to get help.

    7. Remind other AOD members of expected conduct in a tactful, non- threatening way, and if possible, in private:
    If this needs to be explained after previous rules, you probably don't belong in AOD.

    8. Promote fellowship within the game community:
    Be respectful to players and offer assistance. If you notice someone that doesn't know how to use a weapon/vehicle, HELP THEM OUT. Don't just write them off as idiots. Today's Non-AOD is tomorrow's full member. Without them, we limit ourselves. Help them and they will flock to us. Which in turn helps AOD grow.

    9. Do not condemn or humiliate other clan members:
    As rule #7's explanation says, If you need this rule to be explained, you don't belong in AOD.

    10. Win and lose games honorably, show sportsmanship:
    Don't complain about others not helping you win. Don't call people hackers. Don't tell any class they suck because they aren't doing what you think they should do. Simply say GG, tell someone they did a good job, or don't say anything at all.

    11. Maintain AOD loyalty:
    Don't talk smack behind our back. If you are not happy in AOD, let us know. Don't stay here if its not where you belong.

    12. No comments about a members religion, skin color, or sexual preferences. Avoid all political commentary for any nation or region.:
    It is never okay to comment or joke about a members race, religion, or sexual preference. This goes for Teamspeak chat or comments and also forum posts. Please remember that AOD is a large, diverse community consisting of all sorts of people with differing likes and views.

    This applies to ALL games that AOD supports

    Actions AOD members should NEVER do:

    1. Do NOT Go into games and make people ragequit
    2. Do NOT troll players in-game or any other game in any way, shape or form.
    3. Do NOT feed a flame troll, ignore them as they serve no purpose other than to upset you and cause trouble
    4. Do NOT be disrespectful in game chat. You can speak up for yourself, just keep it classy. Engage flamers with witty and clever responses.
    5. Do NOT team kill, its pointless and will only get you a ban from the game, don't revenge team kill aswell.
    6. Do NOT Spawn Kill, do not go into the enemy spawn

    *Note* This is how OUR division will handle these rules. We are not in charge of other divisions and will only worry about our division. If you notice something wrong outside of the War Thunder division inform the War Thunder CO/XO so that they can take the appropriate steps.

    • In-Game: Uphold the C.o.C. at all times when you play War Thunder It is where we find most of our recruits, it is where we play together and they will look at how AOD members are behaving. A members first thought should be with the C.o.C. when they play War Thunder

    • Teamspeak: When playing War Thunder, members MUST be on Teamspeak AT ALL TIMES. Removal from AOD will follow after two or three infractions of this rule.

    • Multi-Clanning: Members can be in multiple clans but cannot be in a clan that offers a game that AOD supports as a division. Members have a choice to either leave the other clan(s) or leave AOD.

    • Clan tags: All members are to wear AOD tags when playing games that AOD supports. If you take off AOD tags, you quit AOD. In War Thunder, if you leave the in game platoon, You have left AOD. Members wear AOD tags only. That means in their names as well. Tags that have been incorporated into a players game name will not be tolerated.

    • Smurfing: (Described as playing multiple account) War Thunder members are not allowed to smurf. You may have multiple accounts, but you must let us know about them. Clan tags are to be worn on all smurf accounts.

    • Behavior: No political, religious, or racial discussions. Be respectful to ALL.

    • Whining and Complaining: Do not whine and complain about the game that we are playing. It takes the mood in Teamspeak down and is counter intuitive to what we are all here for. Play the game that we are given, not the one that you want it to be. Work around the limitations that are thrown at you and you will become a better player. Constant whining in the Teamspeak channels will not be tolerated.

    • Member Activity: All members are expected to take part in the Division. This means playing War Thunder, being in TS and taking part in the forums. This is the bare minimum that a member must do to keep their membership. AOD does not collect membership fee's, it does not tell anyone how their game should be played or how good they should be at it. All that is required is participation. AOD does not want members for the sake of having members. People who merely want to wear the tags for the tags sake will not be here for long.

    Infractions of any of these rules may result in rank demotion and/or removal from AOD. Please do your best to heed these rules and then we can all just get back to having fun.

    ps: Thx to MSgt_CupOHemlock for letting me steal his post
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