Congratulations,You've joined a winning team.Our combination of Teamwork,communication,and pleasure in playing Make AOD one of the premier clans to fly/tank with.

That being said...

It is noted by several AOD that lately,many of our new recruits are not only muting mic/headset while on TS3,but not responding to clan-mates requests to squad up. RUDE, and NOT how AOD operates.Period. There is NO discussion to be had on this. It is NOT required that You talk while on TS3,however that requires You to go to the quiet room. If a AOD member sends a "Hey wanna squad up' it behooves You to reply,even if in the negative. Manners and act-right ARE required for AOD *Except for P_A_G_A_N*

Remember recruits,this is a 30day trial period not only for YOU,but for US to decide if You are a good fit. I will be monitoring this issue,and gently scolding,then requesting removal for those who don't learn the lesson.

Thank You for reading,please pull forward,exact amount only,no change-AOD_B.Rubble