When I ordered my latest PC, I picked a vendor that was able to sell me a computer with Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit. Then, I got him to add an SSD for the main hard drive, with a regular big hard drive for all the games and files. I'm really enjoying pressing the button to start my PC and having it put my log in up before I could get across the room to the tea pot, then, after I log in, it's fully booted and ready to work long before I can have tea water heating and get back to my seat.

(Oh, and on a wholly unrelated note, I've decided I don't care for the Beaufighter Mk 10, it's doesn't slow fast enough to get a torp off without dying, and while it packs plenty of firepower, it's just a bit too rare that I can get the other side to fly in front of me.)