Hey Guys,it's Da Rubble here. I'm going to post a video that I ask You to watch. There is NO solicitation *Per AOD Forum policy* however I do hope it inspires SOME sort of action on all of our parts..lil backstory.

Justin is My Brother. LongTime FPS gamer and all-around better than You/Me human being. His lil buddy is Cameron. They both suffer from the same,terminal disease. Cameron has been visited by heads of state,UFC/Bellator/MMA fighters and He/Justin were lauded by the Trailblazers as "Fighters without quit' and have been featured on a few local news shows. Cameron is end-stage now and close to going to the playground in the sky as He's only 7. Justin just got a cochlear implant so He can hear,and no longer games as His tumor is pressing on His brain-stem and effecting His vision.
Take a moment,watch the video,and consider.....that it were You,or Your family.